System Messages are single messages sent by the Mapp Engage system to recipients or system users. System messages provide information about events or actions of Mapp Engage.

There are three types of System Messages:

  1. Group (General) system messages provide information about any group in Mapp Engage. These messages are used for all groups that do not have a specific group message available.
  2. Group (Specific) system messages provide information about one specific group in Mapp Engage. When a specific group system message is created, the specific group message "overrides" the general group message.
  3. System-wide system messages provide information about the entire Mapp Engage system.

System messages can be sent as email or SMS messages. The default sendout channel is email. This applies even if the general functionality to send messages by SMS is enabled for your system. Sendout by SMS has to be activated for each system message individually (see ​System Messages via SMS​).

Mapp Engage offers a default message (text email) for all existing system messages. These default messages can be edited. It is possible to revert to the default message at any time.

Default System Messages​

The default system message is text-only. However, it is possible to add an HTML part or to create an SMS version of the default. For more information, see Edit Default System Messages​.

The default system messages provided by Engage are available in English and German. The English message is the default setting and is sent when the recipient's language is not available in the system. For more information on how Mapp Engage determines the recipient's language, please see System Message Languages​. It is possible to add additional languages to the default system messages.

Customized System Messages​

There are two possible ways to customize system messages. It is possible to:

  1. Edit the existing default system messages (see ​Edit Default System Messages​). If you edit the default messages, each language message must be edited separately. In other words, there is no automatic translation function to automatically adapt the other languages when one language is changed.
  2. Use a prepared message as a template for a system message (see ​Create Templates for System Messages​).
    A message must be created from the template for each required language separately. Customized system messages can be personalized through the use of data from user attributes.
    It is possible to revert to the original (unedited) default message at any time.

The default system messages cannot be tracked (open/click) by Mapp Engage.

Tracking System Messages​

To create trackable system messages, it is necessary to use a template based on a prepared message. For more information, see Create Templates for System Messages​ and ​Use Template for System Message​.