To create a prepared message that you can use as a template for system messages.

Background Information​

You can use a prepared message as a template for system messages.

System message templates have several advantages:

  • One layout can be used for multiple messages; only the text is edited.

  • The layout can be easily edited for all messages. The layouts of the individual system messages do not have to be edited.

  • When a template is used for the system message, Engage can track the message. The default system messages cannot be tracked.


  1. To create a new message​, click ​Create New​ > ​Message​.

  2. To edit an existing message, click ​Message​ > ​Draft​.

  3. Follow the message creation wizard to step ​3. Configuration​.

    Content areas in the message that you want to fill with individual text must contain the placeholder <%system_message%>. This placeholder makes it possible to add text to the content area when the system message is created.

  4. From the ​Group​ drop-down list, select a group.

    If your prepared message is only used as a template for system messages, the group does not affect the message template in any way. However, you must select a group to create a prepared message.

  5. In the ​Action​ area, select ​Save as Prepared Message​.
  6. To use the prepared message as a template for system messages, click ​Create System Message Template​.
  7. Click ​Save Prepared Message​.

For information on how to use a system message template, see Use Template for System Message​.