A custom template is used as a basis for system messages. The procedure is the same for each channel: Email (HTML), Email (Text), SMS.


A prepared message has been created in Mapp Engage and saved as a template for system messages. For detailed how-to instructions, see Create Templates for System Messages​.

Background Information

A prepared message can be used as a template for system messages.

Creating templates for system messages has the following advantages:

  • One layout can be used for multiple messages; only the text is edited.

  • The layout can be easily edited for all messages. The layout of the individual system messages do not have to be edited.

  • When a template is used for the system message, Mapp Engage can track this message. The default system messages cannot be tracked.

Content areas that are to be filled with individual text for system messages must contain the placeholder <%system_message%>. This makes it possible to add text to this content area when creating a system message.


  1. In the ​main navigation​, click ​Messages​ > ​System Messages​.
  2. Navigate to the desired tab to edit a ​group (specific)​, ​group (general)​, or ​system-wide message​.
  3. Next to the message you want to edit, click  ​Edit​.
    ⇒  The ​Edit System Message​ window is opened.
  4. From the ​Message Template​ drop-down list, choose the prepared message to be used as a template for the system message.
    ⇒  The areas of the template that contain the placeholder <%system_message%> can now be edited in the corresponding tab for that message part (HTML, text or SMS). Any parts of the message not inside of the placeholder cannot be edited.
  5. To edit the message content, de-check the ​Use Default Text​ checkbox and make any desired changes.
  6. Click Save.
    ⇒  A system status message confirms that the changes have been saved.