With double opt-in, the subscriber signs up on a website and then receives an automated system message that they must use to confirm their subscription. This article describes how to set up a registration process with the double opt-in method.

General Information

Why use double opt-in?

There are three methods for adding subscribers to groups: Single Opt-In, Confirmed Opt-In, and Double Opt-In.

The Single and Confirmed methods don't validate the subscriber's email address before adding it to the group. This creates a risk that fake email addresses and spam traps will be added to an Engage group. Sending messages to these fake addresses will be noticed by ISPs and may result in all sendouts from your domain being blocked, destroying the good sender reputation you have carefully built.

This is why Mapp recommends that you use the Double Opt-In method by asking the subscriber to confirm their subscription request. 

While DOI is not explicitly a requirement stated by GDPR, it is considered best practice and, in several countries, a local legal requirement.

Double Opt-in at a glance

If contacts do not confirm within 14 days, they are removed from the group.


The double opt-in Email sendout is triggered on the group level. You need to create a group to manage your contacts and the opt-in confirmation sendout there.


A) Prepare System Messages for Double Opt-In

Both these steps are optional as Mapp Engage already provides default text for all available system messages

Customize the Double Opt-In System Messages

There are three system messages associated with double opt-in:

  • SysMsgInviteToGroup​
  • SysMsgInviteToGroupPasswd
  • SysMsgRemindPending

The first two invite the subscriber to join the group and confirm their subscription by replying to the email or by clicking a link. The third message can optionally be sent to remind a subscriber that they need to confirm. You can customize system messages if needed. If you do, you must do so for each language version separately. For more information about language options for system messages, see System Message Languages.

You can also create your templates and use them for system messages. For more information, see Create Templates for System Messages and Use Template for System Message.

Customized Landing Pages for the Opt-In ProcessIf you want your subscribers to reach a customized landing page instead of the standard subscription page provided by the system, you can customize the links in your message. The prerequisite for that is that you have created two landing pages for the subscription process: one for a successful subscription, and one in case the subscription fails.

B) Activate the DOI System Message

This step is about making sure that the Email with the confirmation link - which constitutes the double opt-in process - is sent out to the contact. The contact has to click the confirmation link to become an active member of the group.

Import contact using the "Invite" methodUsing the "Invite" notification method will cause the appropriate system message to be sent, inviting the subscriber to confirm. 


Enable Send Opt-In Reminder

The SysMsgRemindPending message isn't sent automatically, so if required, you must enable it in the Group Settings. It can be sent once within the 14 days that the subscriber is pending. 

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