With our latest update coming December 1st, you can see how in demand your products are with new statuses and metrics! This includes comprehensive wishlist and checkout tracking, along with new metrics and dimensions to match.

Key Benefits

Product statuses provide you with a detailed understanding of what your customers are doing with products. Previously, the automatically available statuses followed the path of viewing the item, adding to the cart, and simply purchasing.

  • The new statuses enable a more precise product performance analysis.
  • In addition to analyses, the new information can be used for segmentation within the Mapp Cloud.

Watch the video to find out more about revenue optimization through product status analysis:

How does it work?

From the release of this feature, unknown statuses aren't counted as product views. For example, if you sent a status of "purchased" instead of "conf", this would have previously counted as a product view. Now, the request itself will be processed, but product information will be omitted.

If your account currently sends empty or unknown values for product statuses, make sure to adjust your tracking before this feature is rolled out!

With the new statuses, the full list of statuses is now:

Please note that you must have the most up-to-date version of our Pixel. Please see our pages for Smart Pixel and Tag Integration (Pixel V5) here. Once you have updated this, you need to be sure you have permission to view product statuses, metrics, and dimensions. After checking all of this, you can explore all the great new data.

Full list of updates:


This feature will go live on December 1st. New product category dimensions are already visible beforehand. The new statuses will be rolled out automatically. Please be sure your pixel is up to date!

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