A system user is an individual who logs in to the Mapp Engage user interface to work in the Mapp Engage system. Create individual accounts for each of your system users. When you create separate accounts for each system user, you improve the overall security of your Mapp Engage system.

System User Accounts​

Each system user requires a username and password to log in to Mapp Engage.

  • The username is the email address of the system user. By using an email address, Mapp Engage can send system messages with status information and download links directly to system users.

  • The password is only known to the system user and must meet specific criteria. For more information, see ​Passwords in Mapp Engage.

System Roles​

Mapp Engage uses system roles to control what functions and information are available to the system user. You assign a system role when you create the system user account. You can change this role assignment later to grant or restrict access. For more information, see ​System User Roles and Types​.

Group Roles​

A system user can have permission to perform actions specific to one or more groups in Mapp Engage. These permissions are granted using group roles. A system user can have different group roles for different Mapp Engage groups.

You can also assign group-override roles that grant a system user permission to perform actions in all groups. For more information, see ​Group Roles​.

Contact Profiles for System Users​

When you create a system user account, you can also create a contact profile. The contact profile uses the same email address. Mapp Engage links the system user and contact profile. Changes to the email address and password are synchronized.

System users can use this contact profile for testing purposes. You can enter values into the standard and custom attributes of this contact profile, then use this profile to check personalizations and send test messages. For more information, see ​Send Message to Test Recipients​.

API Users​

Some of the accounts in your system are not used to log in to the Mapp Engage user interface. These accounts are used to send information to Mapp Engage from another application or API. An API user is a specific type of system user who can exchange information with the Mapp Engage backend. When you create separate accounts for API users, you improve the overall security of your Mapp Engage system.