Mapp Engage has several requirements when a system user creates a password.

These and other security functions ensure it is nearly impossible for an attacker to guess your password. Ultimately, the security of your Mapp Engage system is in your hands.

Guidelines for Password Creation​

Your password must be:

  • At least eight characters.
  • Contains each of the following:
    • At least one lowercase character.
    • At least one uppercase character.
    • At least one symbol.
    • At least one number.
  • Not used in the last 30 days.
  • Different from the last 12 passwords used for your account in the past year.
  • Not changed more than three times in the last 24 hours.

Why Create a Secure Password?​

As Digital marketers you store email addresses and other personal data in your Mapp Engage system, and use this data to interact with your contacts on a personal level. Your contacts trust you with this information and expect that you handle it with care.

System users must be careful when they choose a system password. If an attacker guesses your password, they can access your data and use Mapp Engage. For example, they could send messages with malicious spam or phishing attacks to your contacts. Depending on your permission settings in Mapp Engage, an attacker could also find and copy data from your system.

Mapp undertakes several security measures that protect your data from attack. Only a few authorized persons can access our data centers and we utilize numerous security measures protect our data centers. There are additional security measures built into Mapp Engage. For example, you cannot download customer data directly from the system. Instead, Mapp Engage sends an email with a download link to your registered email address. 

What Else Can I Do?​

IP restriction offers an even more powerful form of protection for your Mapp Engage system. With IP restriction, only your company network or other registered persons can access your Mapp Engage system. For more information, see ​IP Restriction​.