To send a test email message to the test recipients of a group.

This function only works for email messages, it does not work for SMS.

Background Information​

In step 3 ​Configuration​ of the message creation wizard, you can send a copy of your draft message to the test recipients of a selected group.

The test message creates an actual sendout:

  • The test email goes through a standard Mapp Engage sendout process. Mapp Engage applies group settings such as the ​From Address and ​To Address​ to create the test message.

  • Mapp Engage adds a tracking pixel to the email. You can view test sendout information and statistics.

  • During sendout, Mapp Engage personalizes the message for each test recipient in the group. The address in the ​Test Address​ input field does not affect the test sendout.

  • As in a normal sendout, all standard functionality is available for the test message:

    • ​Read Message Online​ link.

    • ​Unsubscribe​ link.

    • ​Forward Message​ link.

    • ​Mapp Engage Variables​.


If the test sendout includes a coupon, Mapp Engage sends preview text, not actual coupon codes. You define the preview text when you create the coupon list. Actual coupons from the coupon list are never used for test or preview messages.

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The group that you select for the sendout contains one or more test recipients.


  1. In the ​Main Navigation​, click ​Create​ New > ​Message​
    Step 1 ​Type​ opens.
  2. Enter message information and select ​Email​ from the list.
  3. Click ​Create​.
    Step 2 ​Content​ opens.
  4. Enter your message subject line and create your message content.
  5. Click ​Prepare Sendout​.
    Step 3 ​Configuration​ opens.
  6. From the ​Group​ drop-down list, select the group to which the message is sent.
  7. Click ​Send Message to Test Recipients​.
    ⇒ Mapp Engage sends the message to all test recipients in the selected group. After the sendout, information about the test sendout is available in the ​Outbox​ and the ​Statistics​ area of your Mapp Engage system.