The Shopware 6 Mapp Intelligence plugin lets you implement Tag Integration in your Shopware 6 Storefront Shop.

The plugin:

  • loads the tiLoader.
  • provides a _ti dataLayer object.
  • automatically indexes links of AJAX search results for automatic link tracking and
  • in addition to the page requests after page loads, a PI is fired when adding a product to the cart, when changing the page on product listing pages or search result pages, and an event request when sorting product listings.
  • if a product is added to a cart outside of a product detail page, a product view request is fired right before the add to cart request - use dataLayer attribute 'pageRequestType' to filter those PIs and get the 'real' page impressions
  • if the quantity is changed in cart or on checkout pages, add or del product status updated are fired
  • if a product is added to or removed from the wishlist, add-wl or del-wl product event requests are fired, and the event names can be customized via datalayer (see data mapping)
  • a checkout product request is fired when you enter the checkout