Mapping data from _ti object in Tag Integration is the last step to do.

In global context under window, you can find the _ti object which contains your tracking data. To map this data via Tag Integration (TI) you have to do two things:

  1. Create a parameter that reads the data from the _ti object. Example: To track the pageName, create a parameter in TI like this

  2. Map the data to the Mapp Intelligence plugin in your container within the Mapp Intelligence plugin

Now the page name of page requests will have whatever will be in _ti.pageName (which is the URL of the page without parameters).

Attribute overview of _ti object

AttributeDescriptionSuggested mapping
pageNameURL without parameter.Page → Page name


Meta title of page.Publisher → Page title
customerIdAnonymous Shopware customer id - only available if customer is logged in.Visitor → Customer Id
eMailSubscription'1' if customer agreed to receive newsletter, '2' if not - only available if customer is logged in.Visitor → Email Opt-in
gender'1' for male and '2' for female (this will only work if the technical name for Salutations is for male Mr or Herr, and Ms, Mrs, Miss or Frau for female (see Settings → Salutations in Shopware 6 Backend). Only available if customer is logged in.Visitor → Gender

Age of customer - only available if he entered the birthday during registration and customer is logged in.

The age is calculated based on the birthday on server side, so the customers' actual birthday is not exposed to the client by Mapp Intelligence.

Visitor → URM Categories
contentCategoryDepending on where you are the values can be: Checkout, Catalogue, Account, Home, Content.Page → Content Groups
contentSubcategoryDepending on where you are the values can be: Product Overview, Product Detail, Internal Search, Landing Page.Page → Content Groups
pageNumberNumber of page in product lists and search results.Page →  Page Parameter
pageRequestTypeSet to 'virtual' when adding products to basket, and view requests before adding to basket on pages that are not product detail pages.Page →  Page Parameter
internalSearchSearch term on search result page.Page → Internal Search Phrase
numberOfSearchResultsAmount of search results on search result page.Page → Number of Search Results
productCostProduct price. Will be calculated based on the quantity during order or when multiple items are added to cart at once.Product → Product Costs
productIdThe value you enter under 'Product number' when you create a product in Shopware 6.Product → Product Name or ID
productShopwareIdThe Shopware 6 database ID of a product.Product → Product Categories
productNameThe title of a product.Product → Product Categories
productQuantityThe amount of a product.Product → Product Quantity
productSoldOut'1' if available stock is 0 or below, '' if available stock is at least 1.Product → Predefined → Product Sold Out
productCategoriesAll product categories as an array.Product → Product Categories
productCategoryThe first product category.Product → Product Categories
productSubCategoryThe second product category.Product → Product Categories
shoppingCartStatusEither 'view' (product detail), 'add' (when adding to basket) or 'conf' (during order).Product → Shopping Cart Status
currencyThe currency ISO code.Product → Currency
orderIdThe ID of an order.Product → Order ID
totalOrderValueThe total value of an order, incl. taxes.Product → Total Order value
couponValueValue of coupons during order.Product → Predefined → Voucher Value