Due to an improvement in the calculation logic, multi-value parameters are now fully supported in pivot tables. All data transmitted in the request is now displayed.

Key Benefits

  • Full representation of the collected data

  • Consistent behavior with filter engine

  • The new logic is applied automatically. Existing saved analyses and reports are also updated

This change affects all parameter types except e-commerce parameters. Here a direct relation between products and parameters is ensured.

How does it work?

Multi-value parameters allow sending a list of information in a tracking request. Mapp Intelligence offers this option for all types of tracking requests. An analysis with more then one dimension now shows all parameter values instead of just the first one.


Track all error messages on a page with the parameter "Error messages."

A user gets 2 error messages on the page "Checkout.1": Salutation missing, City missing

If you are using the two dimensions in a pivot table, it will show the following:

New behavior

All error messages are shown

Old behavior

Only the first value is shown


This update goes live on July 6th, 2023.

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