1. The configuration of custom parameters is done in Mapp Q3. Click on Mapp Q3 > Configuration > Custom Parameters and select the parameter type:

    ParameterBased on dimensionVisible in the section (only for Datatype "Text")
    Session parametersSession IDVisitors > Session Parameters
    Page parametersPagesNavigation > Page Parameters
    Event parametersEventsNavigation > Event Parameters
    Campaign parametersAd MediaMarketing > Campaign Parameters
    E-Commerce parametersOrder ID, ProductsE-Commerce > E-Commerce Parameters
    Independent parametersDate with timeVisitors > Independent Parameters

    Get inspired by reading the training chapter "Setup Options for the Tracking of Elements".

  2. Click on Create New Custom Parameter.

  3. Configure the Parameter



    Shows the name of the parameter.
    DescriptionHelps others to understand what this parameter is good for. Only visible in the configuration.
    ActiveIn case of deactivation, no data is collected. The analysis of historical data is still possible.

    Choose between a Figure of predefined parameters and your own configuration.

    With predefined parameters you can simplify the setup process:

    • Faster setup with fewer errors: you don't have to care about advanced settings. It automatically selects the optimal configuration.
    • Allows easy integration of plugins. Some of them are based on the automatically selected Parameter-IDs (e.g., Content Engagement).

    You find a list of available Preconfigurations below.

    Parameter-IDThis ID is used in the chosen tracking integration to assign values to this parameter.
    • Text: Allows you to store a limited amount of data in the text format (max. 255 characters).
      The parameter will be available as a dimension, a metric (counting the quantity) and visible in the main menu.
    • Generic: Allows you to store a unlimited amount of data in the text format (max. 255 characters).
      The parameter will be available as a dimension, a metric (counting the quantity) and visible in the main menu.
    • Figure: The parameter is available as a metric. See Aggretation

    Only available for Datatype "Figure".

    Datatype "Text" and "Generic" always use the Aggregation "Quantity".

    • Quantity: Shows, how often a parameter was tracked.
      One metric with the name "Qty [Name of the parameter]" will be created.
    • Quantity and Sum: In addition to the quantity a metric is generated, that adds up the tracked values.
      Two metrics will be created: "Qty [Name of the parameter]" and "[Name of the parameter]"


      A parameter "Internal Search results" is submitted twice, once with the value 5 and once with the value 3.
      "Qty Internal Search results" = 2
      "Internal Search results" = 8
    Amount Parameter Values

    How much information should be submitted in one request? Further information can be found here.

Available Preconfigurations

Parameter typeNameDescriptionHow to track?Automatic trackingOn which pages?Parameter-IDDatatypeAmount Parameter ValuesAggregation
SessionAdblockerShows the usage of AdblockersPixel-PluginXAll803TextSingle ValueQuantity
SessionAdvertising Opt OutUsed in App trackingSDKX
813FigureSingle ValueQuantity
SessionApp First OpenFlag for the first open of an appSDKX
821TextSingle ValueQuantity
SessionApp updatedFlag for the update of an appSDKX
815FigureSingle ValueQuantity
SessionApp preinstalledUsed in App tracking.SDKX
816FigureSingle ValueQuantity
SessionApp releaseUsed in App tracking.SDKX
805TextSingle ValueQuantity
SessionApp versionUsed in App tracking.SDKX
804TextSingle ValueQuantity
SessionLogin statusShows whether a user was logged in in the session.
Should only be filled if logged in (ideally with "true" or similar)
Pixel, SDK
After login800TextSingle ValueQuantity
SessionNPS FeedbackNPS feedback score (1-10). Can be used for to list the different scores.Pixel-PluginXNPS sent819TextSingle ValueQuantity
SessionNet Promoter ScoreNPS feedback score (1-10). Can be used to calculate promotore, disctractors and indifferent.Pixel-PluginXNPS sent818FigureSingle ValueQuantity and Sum
SessionPlaystore-Advertiser-IDApp store advertisers IdSDKX
809GenericSingle ValueQuantity
SessionTV&Radio-Spot sending timeTV&Radio parameterImport

544TextSingle ValueQuantity and Sum
SessionTV&Radio-FlightTV&Radio parameterImport

541TextSingle ValueQuantity and Sum
SessionTV&Radio-Genre afterTV&Radio parameterImport

543TextSingle ValueQuantity and Sum
SessionTV&Radio-Genre beforeTV&Radio parameterImport

542TextSingle ValueQuantity and Sum
SessionTV&Radio-Costs per SpotTV&Radio parameterImport

548FigureSingle ValueQuantity and Sum
SessionTV&Radio-ThemeTV&Radio parameterImport

538TextSingle ValueQuantity and Sum
SessionTV&Radio-Position in commercial breakTV&Radio parameterImport

545TextSingle ValueQuantity and Sum
SessionTV&Radio-RangeTV&Radio parameterImport

549FigureSingle ValueQuantity and Sum
SessionTV&Radio-Broadcast StationTV&Radio parameterImport

537TextSingle ValueQuantity and Sum
SessionTV&Radio-Spot durationTV&Radio parameterImport

547FigureSingle ValueQuantity and Sum
SessionTV&Radio-Name of spotTV&Radio parameterImport

536TextSingle ValueQuantity and Sum
SessionTV&Radio-Environment afterTV&Radio parameterImport

534TextSingle ValueQuantity and Sum
SessionTV&Radio-Environment beforeTV&Radio parameterImport

539TextSingle ValueQuantity and Sum
SessionTV&Radio-Commercial breaks totalTV&Radio parameterImport

546TextSingle ValueQuantity and Sum
E-CommerceApp Download (Website Goal)Flag for the link click to the app store, should be filled with "true" or similar or the app variant for additional infoPixel
Link to App store clicked569TextSingle ValueQuantity
E-CommercePayment methodPayment method. E.g. "Paypal"Pixel, SDK
Order confirmation761TextSingle ValueQuantity
E-CommerceEmail Subscription (Website Goal)Flag for the email subscription event.
Should be filled with "true" or similar
Pixel, SDK
Registration click or on double opt-in page564TextSingle ValueQuantity
E-CommerceCoupon ValueTotal coupon valuePixel, SDK
Order confirmation563FigureSingle ValueQuantity and Sum
E-CommerceContact (Website Goal)Flag for the contact event (usually on finance websites).
Should be filled with "true" or any other useful info
Pixel, SDK
Contact request sent568TextSingle ValueQuantity
E-CommerceLead (Website Goal)Flag for the lead generation event (usually on finance websites).
Should be filled with "true" or any other useful info
Pixel, SDK
Request for an offer sent567TextSingle ValueQuantity
E-CommerceShipping durationShipping durationPixel, SDK
Order confirmation763FigureSingle ValueQuantity
E-CommerceProduct sold outFlag for products being out of stockPixel, SDK
Product detail760FigureSeveral ValuesQuantity and Sum
E-CommerceProduct on SaleFlag for products being on salePixel, SDK
Product detail, product added to basket, order confirmation675TextSeveral ValuesQuantity
E-CommerceSubscription (Website Goal)Flag for the general customer registration.
Should be filled with "true" or similar
Pixel, SDK
Registration click566TextSingle ValueQuantity
E-CommerceReturn ValueOrder return value for the individual productsImport

561FigureSeveral ValuesQuantity and Sum
E-CommerceSocial Media Follow (Website Goal)Flag for the click on a social media button on the website.
Should be filled with "true" or similar or the name of the social media platform
Pixel, SDK
Click on a social media button565TextSingle ValueQuantity
E-CommerceCancellation ValueOrder cancellation value for the individual productsImport

562FigureSeveral ValuesQuantity and Sum
E-CommerceShipperShipping method or partnerPixel, SDK
Order confirmation762TextSingle ValueQuantity
E-CommerceShipping costsShipping costsPixel, SDK
Order confirmation764FigureSingle ValueQuantity and Sum
PageNumber of search resultsTotal number of search results to be tracked on the search result pagePixel, SDK
Search result page771FigureSingle ValueQuantity and Sum
PageArticle headingHeadline of an article (publishing industry)Pixel, SDK
Article pages774TextSingle ValueQuantity
PageScreen OrientationScreen orientation for mobile, usually "landscape" or "portrait"SDKXEach relevant page783TextSingle ValueQuantity
PageContent tagsContent tags for an article or other kind of pagePixel, SDK
Article pages775TextSeveral ValuesQuantity
PageDays since publicationNumber of days since an article has been publishedPixel, SDK
Article pages779FigureSingle ValueQuantity and Sum
PageDomainDomain of a page. Only relevant if you are tracking multiple domains and the domain is not part of the page namePixel
All752TextSingle ValueQuantity
PageLogin StatusShows whether a user was logged in on the page. Can be filled if logged in or not logged inPixel, SDK
All751TextSingle ValueQuantity
PagePage typeType of a page.
E.g. "overview", "article detail"
Pixel, SDK
All777TextSingle ValueQuantity
PagePaginationNumber of page in a list (for example for category pages or search result pages)Pixel, SDK
All pages with pagination750TextSingle ValueQuantity
PagePaywall callsFlag for views of a page behind a paywall, should be filled with "true" or similarPixel, SDK
All pages behind paywall773TextSingle ValueQuantity
PagePage Load TimeUsed by old version of page load time plugin, not recommendedPixelX
570FigureSingle ValueQuantity and Sum
PagePage titleTitle of a pagePixel, SDK
All776TextSingle ValueQuantity
PageTabbed browsingTab browsing flag, contains the number of times the page was viewed again via tab browsingPixelX
770FigureSingle ValueQuantity
PageViewportViewport type (breakdown) of a mobile responsive websitePixel
All780TextSingle ValueQuantity
EventApp Crash - TypeApp crash infoSDKX
910FigureSingle ValueQuantity
EventApp Crash - MessageApp crash infoSDKX
912TextSingle ValueQuantity
EventApp Crash - NameApp crash infoSDKX
911TextSingle ValueQuantity
EventApp Crash - Return AddressesApp crash infoSDKX
917TextSingle ValueQuantity
EventApp Crash - StackApp crash infoSDKX
914TextSingle ValueQuantity
EventApp Crash - Cause MessageApp crash infoSDKX
913TextSingle ValueQuantity
EventApp Crash - Cause StackApp crash infoSDKX
915TextSingle ValueQuantity
EventApp Crash - User InfoApp crash infoSDKX
916TextSingle ValueQuantity
EventError - MessageError message in case of an errorPixel, SDK
Pages with potential error messages503TextSingle ValueQuantity
EventError - TypeError classification in case of an errorPixel, SDK
Pages with potential error messages504TextSingle ValueQuantity
EventScroll Depth (Figure)Used by scroll position pluginPixel-PluginX
501FigureSingle ValueQuantity and Sum
EventScroll DepthUsed by scroll position pluginPixel-PluginX
540TextSingle ValueQuantity and Sum
EventPage LengthUsed by scroll position pluginPixel-PluginX
502FigureSingle ValueQuantity and Sum
EventPage Load TimeUsed by page load time pluginPixel-PluginX
920FigureSingle ValueQuantity and Sum
EventTeaser - ViewsUsed by teaser tracking pluginPixel-PluginX
523FigureSingle ValueQuantity and Sum
EventTeaser - ContentUsed by teaser tracking pluginPixel-PluginX
526TextSingle ValueQuantity
EventTeaser - Item Page in WidgetUsed by Marketing Automation pluginPixel-PluginX
532TextSingle ValueQuantity
EventTeaser - Item Position in WidgetUsed by Marketing Automation pluginPixel-PluginX
533TextSingle ValueQuantity
EventTeaser - ClicksUsed by teaser tracking pluginPixel-PluginX
524FigureSingle ValueQuantity and Sum
EventTeaser - ConversionsUsed by teaser tracking pluginPixel-PluginX
528FigureSingle ValueQuantity and Sum
EventTeaser - NameUsed by teaser tracking pluginPixel-PluginX
521TextSingle ValueQuantity
EventTeaser - Page EngagementUsed by teaser tracking pluginPixel-PluginX
525FigureSingle ValueQuantity and Sum
EventTeaser - PlacementUsed by teaser tracking pluginPixel-PluginX
520TextSingle ValueQuantity
EventTeaser - RuleUsed by teaser tracking pluginPixel-PluginX
531TextSingle ValueQuantity
EventTeaser - TypeUsed by teaser tracking pluginPixel-PluginX
527TextSingle ValueQuantity
EventTeaser - Widget Request IDUsed by Marketing Automation pluginPixel-PluginX
529GenericSingle ValueQuantity
EventTeaser - Target GroupUsed by Marketing Automation pluginPixel-PluginX
530TextSingle ValueQuantity
EventTest - ExperimentName of an A/B/n testPixel, SDK

830TextSingle ValueQuantity
EventTest - VariantVariant of an A/B/n testPixel, SDK

831TextSingle ValueQuantity
EventContent Engagement - NameUsed by Content EngagementPixel-PluginXAll relevant pages921TextSingle ValueQuantity
EventContent Engagement - Element Visibility % (figure)Used by Content EngagementPixel-PluginXAll relevant pages922FigureSingle ValueQuantity and Sum
EventContent Engagement - Element Visibility % (text)Used by Content EngagementPixel-PluginXAll relevant pages923TextSingle ValueQuantity
CampaignGoogle Click IDClick ID provided by Google in the URL ("gclid"), needs to be read out and provided to the trackingPixel
All607GenericSingle ValueQuantity
CampaignKeywordSEA keywordPixel
All606GenericSingle ValueQuantity
CampaignLink PositionPosition description of an individual link, usually within an emailPixel
All601TextSingle ValueQuantity

Further information

Setup Options for the Tracking of Elements