The configuration of custom parameters is done in Mapp Q3. For doing so, click on Mapp Q3 > Configuration > Custom Parameters.

Various parameter types are available:

ParameterBased on dimension
Page parametersPages
Event parametersEvents
Campaign parametersAd Media
E-Commerce parametersOrder ID
E-Commerce parametersProducts
Independent parametersDate with time

Click on "Create New Custom Parameter" in the desired tab.



Shows the name of the parameter.
Descriptionhelps others to understand what this parameter is good for.
ActiveIn case of deactivation no data is collected. The analysis of historical data is still possible.
PreconfiguredChoose between a number of predefined parameters, that, for example, are used in the plugins in Tag Integration, and an own configuration.
Parameter-IDThis ID is used in Tag Integration or the standard pixel to assign values to this parameter.

When selecting "Text" or "General", this parameter is available as dimension.

  • "General" allows for saving an unlimited amount of values, whereas the amount of values for "Text" is limited and depends on your contract.

For "Figure", the information is only available as metric.


If "Figure" is chosen as datatype, the figure type can be selected.

  • "Quantity": Shows, how often a parameter was tracked.
  • "Quantity and Sum": In addition to the quantity a metric is generated, that adds up the tracked values.

Example: A parameter is submitted twice, once with the value 5 and once with the value 3. "Quantity" amounts to 2, "Sum" amounts to 8.

Amount Parameter Values

How much information should be submitted in one request? Further information can be found here.

Further information

Setup Options for the Tracking of Elements