Marketing Automation now supports onsite placements via CSS selectors, giving you more flexibility in personalizing your websites.

Key Benefits

  • Enjoy more flexibility managing onsite placements - you can now make them using either the div ID or a CSS selector.

  • The new Check Selector button provides quick feedback so you know your selector is working correctly.

How does it work?

  1. Go to Marketing > Placements > Onsite.

  2. Click Create a new onsite placement. Alternatively, you can edit an existing placement.

  3. Provide placement details in the Basic settings section. 
    • Select Manual selector input and enter the CSS selector. You can identify it by inspecting the website on which you are making the placement.
    • Click Check Selector. This will verify your selector and display how often it appears on your website. This way, you can avoid the accidental displaying of too many campaigns.
    • The URL restriction field allows for limiting to a specific URL.
  4. Click Next and configure the remaining placement parameters, then click Save.

See our how-to video Using CSS selector-based Placements for detailed instructions.


This feature is part of our June Update 2023 and is live in Mapp Intelligence.

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