This is a high-level process for setting up your Mapp Connect integrations.

A) Create integration between the plugin and Mapp Engage

With Mapp Connect, you can use predefined third-party integrations such as Salesforce or Zapier or integrate your own plugins using the Generic integration option in Mapp Connect.



Initial setup for all integrations - predefined and custom

This document describes the basic procedure to create an integration in Mapp Connect. Use it to create both custom (your own) and predefined (third-party) integrations. If you don't see Mapp Connect, let your account manager know.

Predefined integration

Use this documentation if you are using any of the third-party plugins available in Mapp Connect. These integrations are already predefined in Mapp Connect, so authentication is possible via the existing UI.

Custom integration

This page gives you information about how to authenticate and test your custom plugin, and a Postman sandbox with a complete collection of calls.

When building your own plugin you can use our PHP, node.js client, or Java SDK (.jar file) that you will find in our GitHub Repositories. All methods are implemented. Your application needs to handle authentication for Mapp Connect. For example, if your app is UI-based, it needs to have UI options for providing authentication details and handlers for enabling API calls.

B) Set up Mapping and Imports

Mapp Connect allows you to define a mapping table to connect your incoming data to its designated destination in Mapp Engage. This enables Mapp Connect to read events and process jobs. Without a mapping for each type of event, the job will not be triggered. For example, if you are sending an email, but have no mapping for email, the email will not be sent.

Add MappingMapp Connect has a default mapping template configured in the generic and in most of the third-party integrations. Of course, you can add and edit your own mappings and these articles show you how.

Edit Mapping

Set Up Data FeedsData Feeds are robust data imports that you will be setting up in order to get your external data into Mapp Engage. This article explains step by step, how to set up these imports.

C) Create Whiteboard Automations

Whiteboards in Mapp Engage allow you to trigger automations based on events from your external apps.

Whiteboard automation for Mapp ConnectWith Whiteboards, you can create complex customer journeys. This article explains how to do it using events from your integrated apps.