You can create a new generic integration or copy and adjust an existing one.


Create a new integration

  1. Go to Data Management > Mapp Connect.
  2. Click Add New Integration.
  3. Select an integration type from the drop-down list. If you are setting up a custom plugin, select "Generic".
  4. Enter the name of the connection and click Create.
  5. The Integration Settings tab opens to the Overview tab. You can still change the name of the integration here and add a description.
  6. (optional) Check the box if you want a Whiteboard triggered when the contact's mapping attributes change.
  7. Copy the secret key and save it for future reference. You will need it to authenticate the connection between Mapp Engage and your plugin.
  8. Click Save.

Copy existing integration

  1. Go to Mapp Connect.
  2. Find the desired integration and click Copy.
  3. Now you can edit the mapping as needed.

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