This video demonstrates how to deliver newsletters in multiple languages, improving global outreach.

All the steps we mention in the video are listed below.


  1. Newsletters for each language are created and saved as prepared messages: Save Draft as Prepared Message.
  2. Customers are saved in one master group in Mapp Engage, and their Custom Attribute "Newsletter_Optin" is set to True: Create a New Group.
  3. Custom attributes "Country" and "Language_Preference" are set up. Create Custom Attribute.
StepNavigation pathDescription
1Audience > Segmentation > Segmentation Builder

Create a segment called "Newsletter UK FR BE NL" with the following criteria:

  • Profile Attribute:
    • Attribute Name: Newsletter_Optin
    • Operator: Equals
    • Value: YES
  • Profile Attribute:
    • Attribute Name: Country
    • Operator: Equals
    • Value: BE, UK, FR, NL
    • Include Empty Values: NO
  • Save and publish the segment

For more information, see Create a Segment.

2Automations > Whiteboards > Create

Create a recurring Whiteboard called "Newsletter UK FR BE NL".

  • Set the recurrence rate to monthly:
    • Go to SETUP
    • Select Recur on scheduled dates and times
    • Under Recurrence Rules, select:
      • Period: Monthly
      • Days of Week: Week and Weekday
      • Week: First
      • Day of the week: SAT
  • Specify the audience:
    • Add job Whiteboard Audience
      • Group: Master_Email
      • Activate the toggle Is in Segment
      • Segment: Newsletter UK, FR BE NL
  • Add the second Whiteboard step:
    • From the Filter section, select Attribute Value
    • Under Positive Paths, click ADD ATTRIBUTE
      • Attribute: Language_Preference
      • Operator: Equals
      • Value: EN
      • Change the label Match the condition to "English"
      • Click SAVE ATTRIBUTE
    • Click +ADD PATH and perform the same steps for French, followed by Dutch and German.
    • Activate the toggle Negative Path
  • Add the job Send Email to each path:
    • Select "Newsletter_EN" in the English path, "Newsletter_FR" in the French path and so on.
    • Select "Newsletter_EN" in the Does not match the condition path.
    • Click Apply.
  • Click the ACTIONS button and Save.
  • Click SCHEDULE

For more information, see Create a Recurring Whiteboard.