The Segmentation Builder allows you to create segments to filter your audience.

Segments allow you to send messages to only a specific target audience, rather than a whole group. Moreover, you can use the same segments in automations, and create target groups. Segments are dynamic: each time that you use a segment, Mapp Engage checks its database and selects the contacts who currently match the segment criteria.

Use of Segments

  • Create segments based on a wide range of criteria such as:

    • contact profile

    • online activity data
    • interests

    • group membership status

    • store purchase data
    • other website data in custom attributes
  • Tailor your message to reach a specific audience.
  • Change or update the segment criteria at any time, even after the segment is published.

  • Create and publish segments centrally.

  • Reuse the same segment many times in different parts of Mapp Engage.

    • Sendout: Apply a segment to a sendout to limit the recipients of the message. Segments allow you to send different messages to different target audiences within the same group.
    • CMS Paragraphs: Use a segment to specify which contacts receive certain paragraphs in a CMS message.
    • Automations: Apply a segment to an automation and/or Whiteboard.
    • Group: Apply a segment to transfer contacts into the group.
    • Audience size: Use a segment to calculate the audience that matches the criteria.

Explore Segmentation Builder

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