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This​ window shows important aggregated key performance indicators (KPIs) for your mobile push notification. This information lets you quickly evaluate the success of your campaign. Push notification statistics are only available for messages that contain mobile push content.

Event information is provided by the Apple Push Notification Service (APNs) for iOS devices and Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) for Android devices.

Engage cannot verify the accuracy of the event information that is provided by APNs or GCM.

What can I do in this window?

  • Evaluate delivery performance and recipient activity.

  • See how many push notifications were sent.
  • See how many contacts immediately clicked the push notification per device.

  • See how many contacts opened the app that is associated with the push notification during the 12-hour time period immediately after the notification sendout. This number is calculated per device.

Opens are based on the first instance per contact per device. For example, if a contact clicks the same push notification on a tablet and on a mobile phone, two opens are recorded. If a contact opens the app many times on the same device within the 12-hour time period after the notification sendout, only one open is recorded.

Basic Information

Message IDShows the unique message ID that is assigned to each message in the Engage system.
Message Status

Shows one of these statuses:

  • Draft
  • Scheduled
  • Active
  • Completed
SegmentThe name of the segment to which the message was sent.
Segment SizeThe size of the segment at the time of sendout.
Activation DateDate and time of activation.
Deactivation DateDate and time of deactivation.
App NameShows the name of your mobile app.

Delivery Performance

This section provides a summary of sendout-specific information for your Push Notification. You can also filter the graph by total and unique counts.

Delivery Rate

The overall percentage of messages that were delivered to contacts.

Delivery Rate =Delivered / Sent * 100

All messages that were sent. 

Sent = Delivered + Bounced + Skipped

The maximum value is Segment Size * Frequency of message. Each message can be shown multiple times, depending on message sendout settings.

DeliveredShows all messages that had a server response for success.

All messages with server error responses:

  • Invalid device token
  • Unable to reach the device timely
  • Server Error
  • The app was uninstalled or the update is not configured to receive push messages.
  • The message is too long

Recipient Activity



Launch appDisplays the number of times contacts launched the app.
Open Landing PageDisplays the number of times contacts opened the defined landing page.
Open Deep LinkDisplays the number of times contacts opened the defined deep link.
Open storeDisplays the number of times contacts opened the store.
Dial NumberDisplays the number of times contacts dialed the number.
DismissedDisplays the number of times contacts dismissed the notification.


CTR stands for Click-through rate. 

CTR = Clicked Messages / Delivered Messages
Dismiss Rate
Dismiss Rate = Dismissed Messages / Displayed Messages
ClicksDisplays the number of single messages that were clicked. If a recipient clicks a message more than once, this counts only one time.

Displays the number of single messages that were dismissed. If a recipient dismisses a message more than once, this counts as only one time. 

  • Message Dismissed
  • Message Timeout

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