The Mapp Engage ​Messaging tool provides everything that you require to design and execute multi-channel campaigns efficiently and effectively:

  • Contact Management
  • Message Creation
  • Message Sendout
  • Analysis and Reporting

Contact Management​

In Mapp Engage, you store, organize, and manage contacts in groups. Each contact is an address that is stored in your system, plus all the profile data associated with that address.

  • A group is a list of contacts who receive the messages you send in the group. Every group member receives all messages that are sent to the group (unless you apply a selection to target a specific segment of the group).

  • New contacts are always created or imported into a group. Once you create a group, you can add or import contacts. The same contact can be a member of many different groups.

  • Many settings, including the sendout settings for your messages, are managed on the group level. Every group has its own sendout settings.
    To create a group, see ​Create a New Group​.
    For information about group settings, see ​Group Settings​.

​Messaging​ provides several tools for managing your contacts.

 Tools for Contact Management



​Import Contacts ​

​New Contact Profile (window)​

Use imports to add, update, or remove contacts from your Mapp Engage system or synchronize contact data with an external system.

You can also add individual contacts to your system manually.


Mapp Engage stores detailed information about your contacts in expandable profiles called ​Attributes​. By default, your system provides a set of standard attributes. You can create custom attributes as required to support your individual business needs.

​Segmentation Builder​

Use Mapp Engage selections to send targeted messages to a specific audience.


Use internal blacklists or integrate an external Robinson list to prevent sendout to certain contacts.


Control system access and workflows with permissions and roles.

Message Creation

In Mapp Engage, you can interact with your contacts in multiple channels. The message creation process varies slightly for each channel (email, SMS, mobile push).

Messaging provides a comprehensive set of tools for message creation. Some of these tools are channel-specific.

 Tools for Message Creation



​Select Message Channel Type​

The Mapp Engage ​Message Creation​ wizard helps you create email, SMS, and push notifications easily.

​Content Management for Email Messages​

Create professional email messages with predefined templates in a powerful visual editor. Reusable email templates create email messages with a consistent look and feel and facilitate email message creation.

​Content Store​

Store different types of media for use in your messages.

​Personalization Placeholders​

​Personalization Rules - InsertIf/InsertElse​ .

Create messages that include personal content for each recipient.

​Mapp Engage Variables​

Insert advanced message content that has been preprogrammed and stored for you. Mapp Engage Variables include social media links, conversion tracking, forward message, subscribe, unsubscribe, and read online links.

Optimize email messages for correct display and a high deliverability rate.

Message Sendout​

Messaging enables you to plan and control your campaigns precisely.

 Tools for Message Sendout



Sendout Options (tab)​

Define group-specific settings (including sendout speed and time as well as day of sendout) to control sendout.



Automate message sendout at a specific time or based on contact activity. Automated sendouts can include birthday messages, transactional messages and many more.

The Whiteboard provides an easy-to-use visual interface to create automations.

​Segmentation Builder​

Create selections to target specific contact segments according to profile data, group memberships, and behavior.

​Moderate Message (window)​

Establish an internal process of message review, moderation, and approval before sendout.

Analysis and Reporting

Messaging delivers all the data, statistics, and reports you require to evaluate your digital marketing activities.

 Tools for Analysis and Reports




Analyze and evaluate your digital marketing activities. See all your key performance indicators (KPIs) in one place. Interactive graphs and reports reveal every aspect of your digital marketing performance.

​Web Analytics Integrations​

Take advantage of an integrated interface for your web analytics tool and achieve even more extensive insights.

​Conversion Tracking​

Track activity on a website and measure your message conversion rate.

​Export Message Statistics as a Report​

Download and view customizable reports. Analyze the data that matters to you.

​Raw Data Exports

Export large amounts of detailed data for analysis in an external tool. Create freely definable custom exports that fit your needs and system requirements.

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