A mobile push notification is a short message that is sent through your app to the mobile device of your contact. To receive the notification, the contact must install your app on their devices and agree to accept the push notifications. Push notifications give your contacts new information that is related to your app, even when they are not actively using it. When your contacts tap the notification, they start an action (for example, launch the app).

Mapp Engage supports the Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) for iOS and Firebase Cloud Messaging FMC) for Android.

You can use Mapp Engage to send a push notification to an entire group, or use segments and personalizations to fine-tune your campaign. If used correctly, push technology has great potential to improve the overall effectiveness of your campaigns.


  • Maintain subscriber engagement with your apps.

  • Provide relevant content to your contacts, even when your app is closed.

  • Encourage contact loyalty or a desired action.

  • Extend your multi-channel messaging strategy.

  • Create an easy and interactive experience for your contacts.

  • Obtain valuable data about contact behavior for campaign development.

Keep in mind that acceptance of push notifications is purely voluntary. Incorrect use of mobile push notifications can alienate contacts.

To be sure that your push notifications have the desired effect, review your mobile push statistics regularly and adjust your campaigns accordingly.

For more information, see Best Practices for Mobile Push Notifications​.

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