Create a new mobile push notification.


  • You have enabled mobile app messaging for your app in the appropriate platform (iOS or Android).

  • Based on the information that you provided, your Mapp representative has completed the configuration of the Mobile App Manager for your Mapp Engage system.
    If the Mobile App Manager is not enabled for your system, contact your Mapp representative.

Background Information ​

A mobile push notification is a short message that is sent from your app to the mobile device of your contact. To be able to receive the notification, your contact must install your app on their devices and agree to accept push notifications.

Mapp Engage supports the Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) for iOS and Firebase Cloud Messaging (FMC) for Android.


  1. In the main navigation​, click Create New​ Message.

  2. Select ​Push Notification​.

  3. Click Next​.

  4. Compose the content and personalizations for your push notification.

  5. To save your push notification as a draft, click ​Save​. A system message confirms that your push notification is saved.

  6. To configure your message sendout, click ​Next​.

  7. Select the targeted audience: All opted-in users or Specific selection.

  8. Choose the sendout time trigger: Immediately or Send notification at a specific date and time.

  9. To review your sendout configuration, click ​Next​.

  10. To send your push notification immediately, click ​Send​.

    1. You will see a Send button if your notification should be sent immediately.

    2. If your notification is scheduled for sendout in the future, you will see a ​Schedule​ button.

    3. To save your message as a draft, click ​Save​.

    4. To leave the message without saving changes click ​Close​.

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