General Information

A personalization placeholder is a tag that is used to insert individual values into the message of each contact.

During sendout, Mapp Engage replaces the personalization placeholder with a value stored in an attribute of the contact.

The information that is inserted during sendout is stored and created in different areas of the Mapp Engage system:

  • User attributes (Standard Attributes and Custom Attributes)
  • Group Attributes

  • Member Attributes

Placeholders are not used to mark entire paragraphs or sections of a message for insertion, depending on complex conditions. To mark paragraphs or sections of content, use personalization expressions InsertIf/InsertElse.

For more information, see Personalization Rules - InsertIf/InsertElse​.

Personalization Wizard

The simplest way to add a personalization placeholder is to select the personalization in the personalization wizard and insert it into the message (see ​Insert a personalization​).

Code View

You can create the placeholder code manually and insert it during message composition. To do so, it is necessary to understand the structure of the personalization tags and to know how personalizations are coded.

For more information, see ​Personalization Tags for Placeholders​ and Attribute References.

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