Mapp Engage lets you insert personalized content into messages that you send to different contacts.

You can generate many different personalized message variations automatically from one centrally managed message draft. The ​Personalization Builder ​streamlines the creation of personalizations. The Personalization Wizard helps you search and insert personalization into a message. Alternatively, it is possible to create personalizations directly in the HTML code of your message - but this method is recommended only for advanced users.

Key Benefits

The many possibilities of personalization can be a critical element in your email marketing strategy.

  • Create multiple custom messages that target the individual interests and characteristics of your contacts, such as their interests or demographic group
  • Increase recipient engagement, increase click-through rates and conversions
  • Reduce the number of spam complaints
  • Used personalization in email messages (HTML or text), mobile messages, and also messages that you create externally
  • Add personalization to several different parts of the message (subject line, content area, email header) or create them in the group settings
  • Attract attention to your message in a full inbox
  • Complex personalizations can be used to develop special offers that reflect the previous behavior of a contact
  • A graphical interface allows you to select simple personalizations and create, save, and reuse complex personalizations

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