The main use for a segment is to send targeted messages to a specific audience.​ That includes targeting different types of contacts in a single group.

The criteria in the segment determine which contacts you reach with each sendout.  You can only apply one segment to a sendout. However, you can add as many criteria as you want to your segment. The flexible combination of criteria allows you to target an audience precisely.

When you calculate a segment, Mapp Engage shows you the number of contacts who currently match the segment criteria. However, when you use a segment for sendout, the final number of sent messages is often lower than the segment count. The difference is because Mapp Engage skips some addresses with known problems during sendout. For more information, see Skipped Messages (tab)​.


  1. Create a message.
  2. In the ​Compose Message​ wizard, navigate to the ​Prepare Sendout​ step.
  3. Select the sendout group for your message.

    A sendout group is mandatory, even if you apply a segment to a sendout. You cannot use a segment alone for sendout. The group is necessary because many sendout settings are controlled in the group settings.

  4. In the ​Segment​ area, choose the segment that you want to apply to the message.
  5. Continue with message sendout.

    When you send the message, Mapp Engage only sends the message to group members who match all of your segment criteria.

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