In a split sendout, multiple versions of an email message are created as drafts. Each version of the message is sent to a different portion of a group to identify the highest-performing variant. The most successful message variant can then be sent to the remaining recipients in the group. You can start the main sendout automatically, manually, or schedule the sendout for a specific date and time.

Mapp Engage tracks each message so you can see which performs the best with recipients.

Split sendouts take the guesswork out of designing an email campaign. To compare how different design choices affect the overall performance of your message, design a split sendout.

Many message elements can affect the success of your campaign:

  • Subject line

  • Sender address

  • Images

  • Content

Split sendouts can help you understand which factors contribute to higher click, opening and conversion rates, and achieve the best-performing campaigns.

Unlike a standard A/B test, split sendouts in Mapp Engage can test up to ten message variants. Mapp Engage also offers many customization options that give you a high degree of flexibility when you design your split sendout.

Split Sendout Setup​

You can create a split sendout with between two and ten draft messages.

Since the split sendout is sent to actual subscribers, the email variants that you send in the split sendout need to be finished products. Complete all pre-sendout tests and adjustments such as message rendering before the split sendout.

There are many ways to customize your split sendouts:

  • The size of each split group can be custom-defined (either as a number or a percentage).

  • The sizes of the split groups can differ (for example, 5% receive variation A, while 10% receive variation B).

  • The composition of the test groups can be more narrowly defined with a selection or uniformly distributed across different profile attributes.

  • The exact day and time of the split sendout can be scheduled. Message variants are always sent simultaneously.

  • The performance of the messages can be compared in terms of:

    • Highest opening rate

    • Highest click rate

    • Largest number of conversions

    • Lowest number of unsubscribes

If some variants have different message categories, Mapp Engage uses the message category of the highest-performing message for the main sendout.

View the Results​

All sent variations appear in the ​Processed Messages Overview​ window. To view details about each of the variations, click ​View Statistics​ in the ​Actions​ menu.

Complete the Main Sendout​

After the split sendout is complete and the statistics have been tracked, you can complete the main sendout in two ways:

  • Have Mapp Engage send the highest-performing message variation (based on one of the above-mentioned criteria) to the remainder of the recipients automatically. Mapp Engage can send this message immediately or at a scheduled time that you define.

  • Analyze the split sendout statistics yourself and start the main sendout manually.

You can cancel a scheduled split sendout or a scheduled main sendout at any time.