To manually select the winner of a split sendout and schedule the main sendout of the winning version.

Background Information​

In a split sendout, multiple versions of a draft email message are sent to a portion of your total recipient list in order to identify the highest-performing version. For more information, see Split Sendouts​.

After the split sendout is complete and the statistics have been tracked, there are two ways to start the Main Sendout:

  • Automatically: The system automatically sends the highest-performing message variation to the remainder of the recipients. Different criteria can be chosen to measure message success. For example, criteria such as the highest open rate, highest click rate, highest conversion rate or the lowest unsubscribe (see Test Multiple Email Message Variants (A/B Test)​). The user can schedule an automatic sendout to take place immediately or at a future date and time.
  • Manually: The user analyses the split sendout statistics for himself. The user then selects a message version and begins the main sendout manually. The manual process is described below.


  1. In the ​Main Navigation​ menu, click  ​Message > Outbox > Email.​
    The ​Processed Messages Overview​window opens. Split test message versions are labeled​Split Test​in the​Type​column.
  2. Next to the desired message version of the split test, click the filter symbol .
    ⇒ The outbox adjusts to display all of the message versions that were sent as a part of the split test.
  3. Click on a message version to display the details of the version.
    ⇒ The details are displayed below the overview and include performance measurements such as open rate, click rate, conversion rate and unsubscribe rate as well as details of the split sendout.
  4. To select a message version and begin the main sendout, click ​Main Sendout​.
    ⇒ The​Schedule Main Sendout​window opens. The From Address and Subject of the selected message are displayed.
  5. ​Main Sendout Takes Place:​ use the radio buttons to define when the main sendout happens:

    • ​Immediately:​ The selected message version is sent to the remaining recipients right away.

    • ​Later:​ The window expands to allow entry of a sendout date and time in the future.


    The time zone is adopted from the settings of the split sendout. It is not possible to schedule the main sendout in a time zone that differs from that of the split sendout.

  6. Click​Start Main Sendout​.
    ⇒ The main sendout is scheduled and will be sent to the remaining recipients at the scheduled time.