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User Management​ > ​System Users > Create


This window lets you create an account for a new system user in Mapp Engage.​





Defines the type that is assigned to the system user. This setting is used to classify the accounts in your system. The following options are available:

  • UI User:​ The system user is a person who logs in to Mapp Engage and interacts with the user interface.

  • ​API User:​ The system user is an automated process or interface that interacts directly with the Mapp Engage database with an API.

  • Hybrid User:​ The system user is a person who accesses Mapp Engage both through the user interface and through an API.

​Email Address​

Defines the email address of the new system user. The system user enters this email address as the username to log in to Mapp Engage. When you save the new system user, Mapp Engage checks the email address to determine whether it is valid. The email address must be unique.

By using an email address, Mapp Engage can send system messages with status information and download links directly to system users.

​First Name​

Defines the first name of the new system user. The name identifies the system user in Mapp Engage.

​Last Name​

Defines the last name of the new system user.


Defines the default language for the new system user. This setting determines which language is used for system messages that are sent to the system user. If the default language is not specified, the system default language is used.

Time Zone​

Defines the default time zone for the new system user. This setting determines which times are shown in the user interface. If you do not specify a time zone, the default time zone for your system is used.

​Role (Messaging)​

Assigns the new system user account to a system role for the Messaging area in Mapp Engage. The system role determines which set of permissions are applied to the system user. You can only see system roles that are ranked lower than the system role assigned to your system user account.

To display a list of permissions that are currently assigned to the selected system role, click the  symbol.

You can assign a system user the ​(None)​ system role. This system role grants access to Mapp Engage but not the Messaging area. Use this option for system users who only log in to work with Social.

​Create Contact Profile​

Copies the information that is used to create the system user account into a contact profile with the same email address.

A system user account only contains the information that is displayed in this window. When you select this option, the email address is added to the list of contacts in your Mapp Engage system. This option lets you send test messages to this email address or preview personalization with this email address.

The contact profile is not associated with the system user account and is managed in the ​Contacts​ area. For more information, see Contact Profile (window)​.

​Send Password Notification Email​

Sends a system message with a temporary password to the email address of the new system user.

When you create an account for a normal Mapp Engage system user or for a hybrid user, select this checkbox.

When you create an account for an API user, do not select this checkbox. The email address of an API user is normally used for authentication only and does not use an email inbox.

​Receive Emergency Notification​

Adds the system user to the contact list to receive any necessary emergency communications from Mapp Engage.

This box is checked by default. The system user receives by default all email messages that are sent by Mapp Engage regarding system downtimes or performance issues.

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