We've released an updated version of our Flutter SDK with great new features!

Key Benefits

  • We now support deep link tracking and user matching. This lets you track campaigns linked directly to your app and match users between Engage and Intelligence for better engagement targeting. You can also now trigger requests to be sent immediately.

  • Print the currently active global configuration to the console for testing and debugging.

  • Fixed Android bugs:

    • The batch size did not match the configuration.

    • Some parameters were not sent.

How does it work?

  1. Please update to targetSdkVersion 33 in the build.gradle file for Android when updating to version 5.0.2-5.0.3.

  2. When supporting Android 9, please change the base class for MainActivity to extend „FlutterFragmentActivity“ instead of „FlutterActivity“ in Android:

    class MainActivity : FlutterActivity()


    class MainActivity : FlutterFragmentActivity()


This update went live on June 6th

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