Flutter is a cross-platform mobile framework that allows the distribution of your mobile application to both Android and iOS mobile phones. With the Mapp Intelligence Flutter bridge, it is possible to track user behavior in your app. Unfortunately, it is not possible to track apps for watchOS, tvOS, and iPadOS with the Mapp Intelligence Flutter SDK.

Collect meaningful data about how your apps are used, track how your users interact with your app, how they view specific pages, and custom events. Based on the tracking data from apps different indicators can be measured, which are already known from web analytics, such as page impressions, events, screen size, operating system, e-commerce tracking, etc. Especially page impression data or events, and also the number of conversions in the e-commerce tracking are beneficial to draw conclusions for your business optimization.

This documentation guides you through the app setup while providing useful examples and explanatory notes to understand the SDK structure better.

Please find the documentation for the Mapp Engage Flutter integration here.