With this feature you could get your very own AI Marketing Analyst – a leading edge technology build in your Mapp Intelligence solution. Customer centricity is not just another buzzword for you, and you want to grow your business? Then our sophisticated predictions could be the right thing to enhance your company’s competitive advantage. Mapp's AI Marketing Analyst creates pre-defined user segments. You can use them to analyze and engage prospects and customers based on their conversion probability, churn probably, predicted next order value and the predicted customer lifetime value. These 4 types of user-based predictions can help you make better informed decisions, optimize your marketing campaigns and create more personalized experiences for your customers.

Key benefits

  • Gain actionable insights and improve marketing campaigns by applying pre-defined user segments
  • Predictions and segments are available for 4 important KPIs that are crucial to every business:
    • Churn probability: the likelihood that a potential customer will not return to your website
    • Conversion probability: the likelihood that a user will convert within the next 30 days
    • Customer lifetime value: the predicted revenue a user is going to generate within the next 12 months
    • Next order value: the predicted value of the next order, if the user would order
  • Create and deliver more personalized content like special offers, banners or even newsletters
  • Combine it with Mapp Engage, a powerful marketing automation solution from our growing Mapp family

How does it work?

In order to make using predictions easier we now provide easy-to-use segments with 3 scores: low, medium and high. No business is like the other. So, we don't believe in one size fits all. Whether a predicted value is high or low is calculated for each account individually. For predicted conversion rate, next order value and customer life time value, the high segment marks the top 10% of all users within the last 12 months. For churn prediction, the best segment is the lowest, i.e. 10% of all users ranked by churn probability. The medium segment takes into account the 1130 percentile of users ranked by the predicted values. The low segment contains all other users, that is 31100 percentile. 

We provide dashboards and tips for each prediction to give you a quick overview of how many visitors belong to a given segment and how the values are distributed. Just filter the visitor metric down with the appropriate segment as is done in the dashboards.


This feature is part of the 2020 Spring Update and available to all customers who have purchased predictions in Mapp Intelligence.
If you are interested in purchasing Mapp Engage to take advantage of user segments, please contact your Account Manager.

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