Product recommendations are a great way to personalize messages to your contacts. You could send them the latest models of your product or items based on their purchases and browsing history. This can be done either using Mapp Intelligence as a source or with precalculated recommendations from Engage.

Key Benefits

  • Your recommended products can now be used in Mapp Engage sendouts. You can either upload the recommendations you'd like to use directly in Engage, or use Mapp Intelligence Marketing Automation.
  • Mapp Intelligence Marketing Automation allows you recommend products based on the users onpage behaviour. Through Rules you can determine, which products are being shown.

    Commonly used rules:

    • Appropriate products to viewed or bought products.
    • Most recently products put into the shopping cart without being bought.
    • Most recently viewed products without being bought.
    • Topseller – most frequently bought products of a certain category.
  • Moving forward, we will offer even more options for providing recommendations to your customers using Machine learning!


This feature is part of our Summer 2021 product update and is available for Mapp Engage users as of September 7th, 2021. Our additional Machine Learning features will be coming soon. Please speak with your Customer Success Manager to get started using these features.