You can now easily integrate your Shopware based business with Mapp Engage. This will allow you to more efficiently use and act on the important information your users provide. 

Key Benefits

There is now a fast and simple way to streamline the sharing of information between Shopware and Mapp. Shopware's Business Events can be used to trigger transactional emails, such as when a customer requests a new password, customers are added to your mailing list, when an order has been paid for, and many more.

How does it work?

  1. Upload the Mapp Connect Plugin to your Shopware account.

  2. In Mapp Engage, create a new connection add-on for Shopware.

  3. Create any new or unique business events in Shopware. These can then be used to trigger events, for example adding new customers to your newsletter. Please see our article here on getting started with Shopware.  


This feature is part of our Summer 2021 product update and is available for Mapp Connect users as of September 7th, 2021.