We are releasing a new version of the Mapp Cloud Shopify plugin with feature upgrades that comply with the latest Shopify updates. 

New Features

  • Our plugin now supports these new Shopify features:
    • More efficient and faster bulk exports from your Shopify store thanks to Shopify’s bulk export instead of REST API.
    • A new variant limit of 2000 to manage more complex product catalogs.
  • In addition, we have enabled Mapp Engage to receive localized product information, such as the localized product price.

Setup Information


You can install the new Mapp Cloud Plugin version 2.4 from the Shopify App Store.

If you add or remove a market region or change the shop domain, go to Apps > Mapp Cloud Integration > Mapp Engage > Settings and click Save

Mapp Engage

If you want to use the localized product price mapping in existing integrations, please add it to the mapping manually. Go to Data Management > Mapp Connect, open the Shopify integration, and edit the mapping. For more information, see Edit Mapping.

For newly created integrations, this option is already included in the default mapping template for Shopify.


This feature went live on April 11th.

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