Mapp's Smart Notifications is getting a functionality boost. Three new AI-based notification types allow for more comprehensive data analysis and interpretation. You can get notifications in Mapp Intelligence or your inbox every hour or daily.

The following new notification types are available:

Segment Detection

Introducing Segment Detection: A novel smart notification that strategically scans tracked data, identifying high-performing customer segments and potent advertising opportunities by analyzing above-average conversion rates and order values over 30 days. Save detected segments to the Mapp Cloud for further use with one click.

Order Value Monitoring

Order Value Monitoring is designed to routinely scan data, identifying anomalies in order values, and notifying users about the size and direction of these discrepancies. The tool doesn't just spot issues; it tracks them back through related metrics, such as order numbers and average order values, to identify the likely cause. Moreover, it performs correlation analysis to connect the anomaly to potential influences, like specific products or traffic channels. It also conducts a reverse analysis, exploring why variances in visitor numbers don’t necessarily align with expected revenue changes, offering a detailed insight into order value dynamics.

Custom Process Monitoring

Custom Process Monitoring systematically scans data for anomalies in user engagement with custom processes, alerting users when the number of people completing a process deviates unexpectedly from calculated expectations based on past performance and seasonal adjustments. When such anomalies are detected, the tool traces backward through each process step to identify the potential cause. It comprehensively examines both process completions and specific step conversions, even when processes include optional steps. Alongside causal analysis, it performs correlation analysis highlighting the most significantly impacted subsequent pages. Furthermore, it conducts a reverse analysis to understand why variations in process starts don’t necessarily translate to expected completions, pinpointing potential friction points within the process chain.

Key Benefits

  • Provide actionable insights on potential segments
  • In-depth anomaly detection with root-cause analyses for order value and custom processes
  • Easy to activate: simply switch them on and off.
  • Available directly in your feed and via email.

How does it work?

First, you must activate the Smart Notifications you want to use. See how....

Watch the following video to see how to use these features.

Segment Detection

Process Monitoring

Find more information on this page.


This feature went live on November 7th, and is part of the Mapp AI Assistant. Please contact your Customer Success or Account Manager for more information.

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