Smart Notifications add more artificial intelligence to analytics and provide actionable insights to marketers. Once activated, they are available in form of a feed alongside Alerts. Learn more about it in the article How to use Smart Notifications?.

Available Smart Notifications

 Campaign performance...

We are analyzing your advertising campaigns and check whether there are certain times, devices or geographic locations, where campaign performance in terms of conversion rate is particularly good or bad. You can configure on which campaign level the check should be performed and then get insights on how to adjust your targeting for these campaigns to improve performance.

Below you can see the parameters by which campaign performance is measured, as well as notification triggers. 


Campaigns are evaluated along commonly available dimensions for targeting on different platforms.

  • Geography: Country, Region, City.
  • Technology: Device Manufacturer, Device Class. 
  • Time: Weekdays, time of day (morning, afternoon, evening, night - based on the Time dimensions). 


Campaign performance is analyzed by three formulas:

  • Conversion Rate %
  • Bounce Rate %
  • Order Value per Visit (not a predefined metric that can be used in analyses)

Trigger Conditions

Notifications are triggered when the following conditions are met:

MetricTrigger Condition
Conversion Rate %+/- 2x Standard deviation for this campaign
Bounce Rate %+/- 2x Standard deviation for this campaign
Order Value per Visit+/- 2x Standard deviation for this campaign and at least one conversion
To ensure that the insights you are getting are relevant, a campaign needs to have 2% of campaign traffic and at least 50 visits per dimension for the notification to be triggered.

The calculations happen based on onsite performance only.

Good to know

Along the mentioned dimensions each campaign is analyzed on its own merics and what can be done to improve it.
The result might be the insight that the conversion rate is much higher on mobile devices and therefore it might be a good idea to focus the campaign on mobile devices. Or vice versa, the conversion rate is much lower on mobile devices, then we recommend not to target mobile devices as much, e.g. by lowering bids for this target group, reducing frequency caps or removing this target group from targeting altogether.

 Best Campaigns...

A simplified report: We show which campaigns performed best on a selected campaign category level.

 Segment Configuration (RFM/RFE)...

We are analyzing your data and determine the optimal RFM / RFE values to segment your userbase into three equal parts regarding recency, frequency and engagement / monetization. Usually this has to be configured once. For more details look at RFM / RFE modeling.

 New Referrers...

Whenever a new referrer is tracked, we make a note of it and inform you, summarized by domain. If you want to check out the actual links visit the URL referrer analysis. New referrers are interesting because they can be a source of traffic, and also point towards conversations happening about your company, a review, or something similar.

 Segment Detection...

Segment Detection strategically scans tracked data, identifying high-performing customer segments and potent advertising opportunities by analyzing above-average conversion rates and order values over 30 days. Save detected segments to the Mapp Cloud for further use with one click.

These notifications are part of the Mapp AI Assistant. Please contact your Customer Success or Account Manager for more information.

 Order Value Monitoring...

Order Value Monitoring is designed to routinely scan data, identifying anomalies in order values, and notifying users about the size and direction of these discrepancies. The tool doesn't just spot issues; it tracks them back through related metrics, such as order numbers and average order values, to identify the likely cause. Moreover, it performs correlation analysis to connect the anomaly to potential influences, like specific products or traffic channels. It also conducts a reverse analysis, exploring why variances in visitor numbers don’t necessarily align with expected revenue changes, offering a detailed insight into order value dynamics.

These notifications are part of the Mapp AI Assistant. Please contact your Customer Success or Account Manager for more information.

 Custom Process Monitoring...

Custom Process Monitoring systematically scans data for anomalies in user engagement with custom processes, alerting users when the number of people completing a process deviates unexpectedly from calculated expectations based on past performance and seasonal adjustments. When such anomalies are detected, the tool traces backward through each process step to identify the potential cause. It comprehensively examines both process completions and specific step conversions, even when processes include optional steps. Alongside causal analysis, it performs correlation analysis highlighting the most significantly impacted subsequent pages. Furthermore, it conducts a reverse analysis to understand why variations in process starts don’t necessarily translate to expected completions, pinpointing potential friction points within the process chain.

These notifications are part of the Mapp AI Assistant. Please contact your Customer Success or Account Manager for more information.

On the Smart Notifications page in Mapp Intelligence ( Feed > Notifications > Smart Notifications), you get an overview of your available Smart Notifications.  Also, you can (de-)activate Smart Notifications.

NameDefines the name given to your Smart Notification.
DescriptionAn explanation of what information is provided by this notification
LabelHelps classify the notification.
FrequencyDefines how often there will be a notification.
Statusactive (blue) or inactive (gray)
ActionsYou can use this button to trigger the notification.

Further Information 

How to use Smart Notifications?