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In this window, you define the permissions granted to group roles. These permissions determine what a system user or recipient can do with any group to which they belong as a member. Permissions granted in this window apply to all groups in an Engage system, but are overridden by both group-specific and group-override permissions for this group role.

Each group role is assigned a specific set of permissions by default. As long as your group role is higher than the role you wish to change, you can change the permissions manually in this window.

You can assign this group role to a specific system user in the ​Recipients​ area of Engage. For instructions, see ​Assign a Group Role​.

What can I do in this window?

  • View current permissions assigned to a group role.
  • Grant additional group permissions to a group role.
  • Remove group permissions from a group role.
  • Enter or update the description of a group role.

You can only view group roles that are ranked the same or lower than your own. You can only change permission assignments for group roles that are ranked lower than your own.




​Grant Permission​

Select a check box in the ​Granted​ column to grant the corresponding permission to the selected group role.

​Remove Permission​

Deselect a check box in the ​Granted​ column to remove the corresponding permission from the selected group role.


Save changes to the permission settings for the selected group role.




​Group Role​

Select the group role for which you set permissions.

​Role Description​

Create a description of the selected group role. The description is visible when you assign this group role to a user account in the ​Recipients​ area of Engage.





When selected, indicates that permission is granted to the selected group role. If the option is unavailable, you do not have permission to change this setting.


Shows the name of the permission in the system.

​Permission ID​

Shows the permission ID. Each permission has its own ID number in Engage, which is only used for identification purposes.


Shows the  symbol. Move the pointer over the symbol to display additional information about the permission.

​Implicit Permissions​

Shows any permissions that are essentially connected to selected permission. When you grant permission to a role, you grant the implicit permissions automatically. When you remove parent permission, you remove the implicit permissions automatically. You can deselect implicit permission even if the parent permission is still selected.


Shows the permission category. Permissions are grouped into categories that make it easier for you to find and select them.

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