To assign a group role to a system user.


A system user has two profiles: A system user profile and a contact profile.

Background Information​

This procedure does not describe how to assign group roles that Mapp Engage assigns automatically.

Group roles that Mapp Engage assigns are owner, recipient, and guest.


  1. In the ​main navigation​, click ​User Management​ > ​System Users​.
  2. Next to the system user, click ​Group Roles​.
  3. Click ​Add​.
  4. In the ​Group Role​ drop-down list, choose the group role that you want to assign.
    To see the possibilities of the different group roles, check the group-specific assignment and group-general assignment of permissions in your system.
    The following list provides an overview of possible assignments:

      • ​Manager​ - by default, the manager is the highest group role. The Manager role is often used to create a second role that can manage the groups the same way as an owner.

      • Custom Group Role​ - Custom roles can be freely defined according to your needs. Up to eight custom roles can be set. By default, custom roles have limited permissions and cannot (for example) send messages. However, it is possible to assign additional permissions to these roles.

      • Message Statistics Viewer​ - The message statistics viewer has limited permissions. It includes permissions to view and download the message statistics of the group.

    Group permissions can be assigned to a system role. Make sure that you do not work in a Mapp Engage system, where the system user already has the necessary permissions assigned to the system role.

    To check the group permissions of the system role, open the ​Group (Override)​ tab in the ​Permissions​ area.

  5. In the ​Groups​ area, choose how you select the groups.


    How to Select the Group

    ​Specific Choice​

    Displays a ​Specific Groups​ list field where you manage groups to assign the group role.

    You add and remove groups with the buttons below the list field.

    • ​Add​ - Opens the ​Group Search​ window. Here you search for groups and select them.

    • ​Remove​ - Removes single groups that you highlight in the ​Choice​ area.

    • Remove all​ - Removes all groups from the ​Choice​ area.


    Displays the ​Group Categories​ area where you manage group categories. These categories identify groups in which you assign the group role.

    • ​Available​ - Displays all group categories that you can select.

    • ​Selected​ - Displays all group categories in which you want to assign the role for the system user.

    To move categories between the ​Available​ and the ​Selected​ area, mark the group category and use the arrows.


    Removes additional areas. Mapp Engage tries to assign the group role for all existing groups. If the system user is the ​Owner​ of the group, then the role remains unchanged.

  6. Click ​Assign​. The ​Result - Group Assignment​ window opens. Here you can check to which groups Mapp Engage assigned the new group role.

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