To create an email message.


  1. In the ​Main Navigation​, click Create​ New > ​Message > Email Message.
    Step 1. ​Type​ of the message creation wizard opens.

    When you create a message in Mapp Engage, do not open additional instances of Mapp Engage in other browser tabs or windows. If you have multiple Mapp Engage tabs open at the same time, there can be conflicts when you save your message drafts. If you attempt to save the same email in multiple browsers, changes can be lost.

  2. Enter your message information, select Email in the Type area, and click Create.
    Step 2. ​Content opens. By default, step 2. ​Content of the message creation wizard opens in ​HTML Code ​ mode. Use this mode to enter or edit the HTML code of your message manually. To enter or edit the HTML code of your message in a graphical HTML editor, click ​HTML Editor​.
  3. To create or edit an email with HTML content, click ​Email (HTML)​.
    ⇒ The content area displays tools to format and edit your HTML.
    To create or edit an email with plain text content, click Email (Text)​.

    Many Mapp Engage customers create a message or a part of a message in an external tool and upload the content into Mapp Engage for sendout. To upload a message or message part, click ​Upload Message​.

    For more information, see Upload an Email or Email Part​.

  4. To add personalized content to your message, click ​Personalization​.
    ⇒ The ​Personalization​ window opens.

    Personalizations make the content of your messages more relevant. Add information from the profile of your contact to the message or use personalization rules to send different content to different recipients.

    For more information, see Personalization​.

  5. To add other types of complex content to your message, click Mapp Engage Variables.
    ⇒ The ​Mapp Engage Variables​ window opens.

    Mapp Engage Variables simplify the addition of many types of content:

    • System links (subscribe, unsubscribe, profile change)

    • Message and system data

    • Social network content

    • Coupons

    • Conversion tracking variables

    • Content

    • And more

    For more information, see Mapp Engage Variables​.

  6. To access additional email settings and tools, click ​Advanced Options​:

    • ​Attachments:​ Adds PDF files, text files, or images to an email message.

    • ​Character Encoding​ Select the encoding Mapp Engage uses for your message. UTF-8 is the default setting.

    • ​Image Handling:​ Inline images or host images on the Mapp Engage servers for sendout.

    • ​Message Category:​ Assign the message to a specific category.

    • ​Email Headers:​ Add header information to your message.

  7. Click Save as Draft​ to save your email for later.
    Click Prepare Sendout​ to configure your message for sendout.

    When you create an email with HTML and text versions, Mapp Engage automatically creates a multi-part message. Mapp Engage sends both message parts together as a MIME message. Mapp Engage also considers the read-mode preferences of the contact. When Mapp Engage sends both HTML and plain text versions, the email client settings of the contact determine which version displays.

Tracking and Categories​

Many tracking settings are managed in the group settings. For more information, see Tracking & Links (Tab)​.

  1. In step ​1. Type of the message creation process, you can add an ​External Message-ID​.
    The external message ID adds a parameter to each link in the message. For more information, see Parameters in Message Links​.
  2. In step​ 2. Content​ of the message creation process, click ​Link Categories​ to add or edit link categories in your message.
    Categories help you to organize and identify related objects in the system. For example, use link categories to evaluate related links in the statistics. Or, use link categories in an automation to react when a contact clicks any link in a link category.
    You can create categories in the Administration​ > ​Categories area.
  3. In step ​2. Content​ and step​ 3. Configuration of the message creation process, you can add or edit the message category of the message.
    A message category is a keyword that you assign to one or more related messages. Categories enable you to organize and identify related objects in the system. For example, use a message category to create a selection of contacts who open messages in a particular category. Or, use a message category in an automation to initiate a particular job each time Mapp Engage sends a message in a certain category.
    To create a message category, click Administration​ > ​Categories.