You have already learned how to correct missing or incorrectly assigned categories in our article How can I replace missing values ("-") in categories?.

Now you may have triggered the reset or update of content groups via the frontend and now expect a correct assignment, but this is not the case.

First, you should check in your browser's developer tools whether the expected category value is transferred from the page at all. For example, you can open the tab "Network" in Chrome and search the outgoing requests for the Mapp Intelligence request.

If the expected value is displayed here, there may be another reason why even after an update the category displayed in the Developer Tools does not appear in Mapp Intelligence. In the settings of the content group itself, you will find an option "First Pixel Assignment?".

If this is set to "No", this means that the values are not taken from the request, but primarily from an assignment that was created, for example, by manual upload. You must therefore also correct such category values manually or adjust the setting in the content group.

Please note that a reset or update of the categories does not appear in the tool until 24 hours later and the corresponding pages must have been called to include the new values.