Mapp Data Streams has the  following core functionalities:


A streaming API providing a stream of fully transformed request level Mapp tracked data within seconds of collection via Pixel (JavaScript), SDKs, or Tag Integration.


Depending on their use case requirements, customers can choose between JSON or AVRO during activation.

Columns (Fields)

Access to all (>200) standard and custom (account specific) metrics and dimensions including category information, device information etc. Please refer to the full Record Contents tables for further reference.

FiltersUp to 15 filters can be used simultaneously. Currently only AND is supported to connect filters, but OR will be supported later. The number of filters can be changed on request.

Mapp provides a public Kafka stream API to be connected with authentication. The connections will be encrypted using TLS 1.2.


The time between the collection of the request and the associated event to be available in the respective topic is between 1 to 15 seconds. Additional latency up to a few seconds could be caused by infrastructural dependencies.


Processed Mapp tracked data will be available in the stream.




Customers could start consuming data from an offset within the data retention period if needed.


Number of data retention hours per package:

  • Standard: 8 hours
  • Advanced: 72 hours
  • Expert: 168 hours

Please contact us to learn more.

Root Stream

By default, all activated accounts have a non-configurable/non-filterable root stream to access all available raw data.

Please note that the availability of metrics and dimensions is a moving target. That means that more standard as well as account-specific metrics and dimensions are added in future updates.

Custom Streams

Number of custom streams per package:

  • Standard: 1
  • Advanced: 3
  • Expert: 5

Please contact us to learn more.

User InterfaceThe Data Streams Management user interface in the Mapp Intelligence Suite will be available for customers that have Data Streams activated, see Data Streams User Interface.

Further Information