Navigation Path​

  1. In the ​Main Navigation​, click ​Messages​ > ​DraftMessages and select the message into which you would like to insert a personalization.
  2. Click Personalization.
  3. Click New.
  4. Enter a personalization (either in manual mode or with the graphical interface).
  5. Click Preview. The Preview Personalization window opens.

Previewing a Personalization Rule​

The ​Preview Personalization​ window can be used to test whether the syntax of the personalization rule is valid. If necessary, it is possible to edit the personalization code and then re-insert the edited code into the ​Personalization Builder​.

Preview Personalization: Personalization Tab​




The Input field displays the address being used for previewing the personalization. The current system user is used as the default address. We recommend using a non-existent (fictitious) email address in this field; this guarantees that no attribute values stored for the user interfere with the test.


The preview text box displays a preview of how the personalization will appear for the selected user, depending on the values stored in the user attributes. The preview can only be displayed if each InsertIf/InsertElse contains content blocks.

​Source Code

The source code text box displays the code of the personalization rule. Errors in the source code are highlighted in red. You can edit the code directly in this text box and apply changes back to the ​Personalization Builder​ with the button ​Load in Builder​. Please note that not all structures can be represented with the graphical interface, in which case the ​Personalization Builder​ switches to manual mode. Syntactically incorrect personalization rules can not be transferred to the ​Personalization Builder​.

Analysis for Address <name>​

The text box shows an analysis of the code for the address entered in the ​User​ input field, including the values stored in the user's attributes. When the expression = "true", those parts of the code will be shown that corresponded to the selected ​User/Attributes​.

Preview Personalization: Attributes Tab​

Under the ​Attributes​ tab, the attribute values used for the preview are set.

To test an attribute without content, the email address entered as the user under the personalization tab cannot contain any attribute values. We recommend that you use an email address with no stored attribute values (or a fictional email address). Otherwise, the values can influence the results of the preview.




This menu allows a selection from among the attributes used in the personalisation rule. For these attributes you enter test values for validation.

  • The  button adds the attribute to the preview test and allows you to specify the values for the attribute.
  • The  button removes the selected attribute from the test.

​Add all attributes​

The button adds all attributes of the personalisation rule and allows you to specify values for all attributes.

Attribute values​

In the input field you can enter values for the attribute.

Note that the attribute user['Title'] must be specified by a number: 1 (male), 2 (female). To simulate a missing entry in the attribute, leave the input field empty.




​Load in Builder​

This button loads the code adjustments into the ​Personalization Builder​.


This button updates the preview according to values of the input fields or changes in the source code.