The Mapp Engage Variables in the ​Coupon​ category insert a coupon into your message.

Navigation Path​

  1. Create a message or landing page.
  2. Click ​Mapp Engage Variables​.
  3. From the ​Category​ drop-down list, select ​Coupon​.Coupon Variables​

The ​Coupon​ category in the Mapp Engage Variables menu lists all the coupon lists in your Mapp Engage system.

If there are no coupon lists available in the Mapp Engage Variables menu, one of the following is true:

  • There are currently no coupon lists in your Mapp Engage system.

  • You lack permission to see the coupon lists. To view coupon lists, you need one of the following system permissions:

    • 157 ​Messaging: Edit Own Coupons​

    • 158 ​Messaging: View All Coupons​

In the Coupon drop-down menu, the number in brackets shows how many coupons remain in the coupon list. Check that there are enough coupons for all contacts in the sendout. If there are not enough coupons, Mapp Engage either displays alternative content or pauses the sendout. You define this setting when you create the coupon list.


The variable has the form of a placeholder that appears within tags, like this: <% ... % >.

During sendout, the placeholder is replaced with the coupon code. Mapp Engage automatically inserts a coupon from the coupon list into each message.

For example, the placeholder for a coupon from the welcomecoupon list is: ​<%coupon.welcomecoupon%>​.

You do not need to adapt the placeholder before sendout.

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