Mapp Engage offers you a preview of new generation email supported with AMP - Accelerated Mobile Pages. With this technology, your email content can be dynamic and more engaging than ever. People do not have to open the landing page, but directly interact within the email! Let them respond to surveys, browse through image carousels, or look at website content. As this is a developing technology, Mapp offers a sneak-peak at some of the functionalities.

Key Benefits

  • Create engaging emails with dynamic actionable content: forms, lists and carousels.
  • Let your contacts make purchases from within the email.
  • Have your contacts browse through content without redirecting them to landing pages.
  • Enhance email rendering on mobile devices.
More and more providers support AMP. In case they don't, Mapp Engage allows you to create fallback content which is used when an AMP email cannot be delivered.


This is an on-demand feature. To activate it, contact your Account Manager.

How does it work?

  1. Ask your Account Manager to activate the feature. 
  2. Register with Google to send dynamic emails.
  3. In the Main Menu, go to Create > New Message and click AMP Email Message.