AMP for email is a great way of creating attractive and engaging content. Here are some useful tips how to improve your marketing communication with AMP. 

  1. Use it! AMP for email is new, and developing, but it already has a lot to offer!
  2. Take advantage of all three AMP components available in Mapp Engage: 
    • Forms. With this component, you can create surveys and collect additional insights into your contacts’ preferences. Did they like the email, product, or promotion? Find out! 
    • Carousels. Show your contacts a bigger chunk of your offer than before. Catch their attention with product variants, for example clothing with different colors or sizes. 
    • Lists. You want to send out links, or titles? No problem! With AMP you can do this in an attractive way, and your contacts will be able to interact with the content directly in the email environment.
  3. Email rendering on mobile devices is enhanced with AMP. Use it for mobile too!


  • Test your AMP before going live – ensure your messages are delivered successfully! 

  • Create fallback content in case the recipient is not adjusted to receiving AMP.

  • This is a developing technology – stay tuned for more! 

 Find more information in our Online Help: AMP for Email