This article shows, how you can track and analyze, what percentage of a page has been seen.


The tracking of the scroll behavior is an important KPI, especially for content sites. Mapp provides a plugin, that enables this measurement. For each page access it is depicted, what percentage of the page was viewed maximum.
The plugin is available in Tag Integration. Alternatively, it can be added as a separate JavaScript file in the standard pixel.
Please note: The tracking does not work in Apps and with sites that reload additional content (infinite scroll).

Step 1: Setting up the parameters

As the first step, event parameters have to be defined in Mapp Q3, in which the information will be stored. The following parameters are available:

Parameter Description Type
Scrollposition (Text)

Allows the use of the scrollposition as dimension. You see, for example, how many users have seen 5, 10 or 100 percent.

preconfigured "Scroll Depth"
(ID 540)

Scrollposition (Figure)

Allows the use of the scrollposition as metric. For example, the formula "Scrollposition Avg." can be calculated for each page.

Custom configuration; Datatype: Figure
Page height

Allows the analysis of how many pixels was the height of the page.

Custom configuration; Datatype: Figure

Decide on your own, which information you need and activate the corresponding parameters-

Example: Parameter "Scrollposition (Text)"

Step 2: Activation in Tag Integration

Integrate the plugin "Scrollposition" in the container, in which the website to be tracked is located.
During the configuration, you can specify the parameter IDs for the parameters "Scrollposition (Figure)" and "Page height". We recommend activating the rounding. By doing so, the scroll position is measured in steps of 5 percent.
Please note: The parameter "Scrollposition (Text)" does not have to be defined. If it was set up in step 1, data is collected automatically.

In the section "Assign rules" is defined, in which areas of the pages the tracking should happen.

Find detailed information in the technical documentation.

Step 3: Creating custom formulas

A couple of custom formulas are helpful for the analysis.

Scrollposition Avg.

Shows, what percentage of a page has been seen.


Scrollposition 50+ %

Shows, in what percentage of all page calls more than 50 percent of the page has been seen.


The first element of the formulas is filtered as follows:

Step 4: Analysis

How far has the page been seen?

You can use the custom formula for analyzing this question.

Furthermore, the text parameter can be used as a dimension.

Please note: If the page is not scrollable and, thus, always shown completely, the value for the scrollposition is "100".

How far are pages scrolled, that have a certain page height?

Use the parameter "Page height" for filtering this analysis.

Example: Take only pages into account, that have a minimum height of 500 pixels.

What percentage of all page calls have been seen for more than 50 percent?

For this analysis, we can use the custom formula.