With this release, Webtrekk Users with the Admin-role will receive new functionality. It is now possible to download report metadata from the User Management function in Excel (.xlsx) format. To access the new functionality, click on your user name in the navigation bar on the top and select "User Management > Exports".

Key Benefits

Use the export function to get an overview of all reports. Possible use cases are:

  • Overview all reports of all accounts and categories
  • See which reports are scheduled and when they will be sent out
  • Investigate who is receiving how many and which reports

Admin users can select reports by Accounts and Categories and will receive a file that includes the information displayed below.

  • Title
  • Creation date
  • Last modification
  • Last modified by
  • Description
  • Categories
  • Account
  • Track ID
  • Creator
  • Schedule status
  • Scheduling interval
  • Scheduled on
  • Scheduled time
  • Recipient