This job was previously called: Unsubscribe from All Groups.

This job unsubscribes members from all groups in the system. The contacts are selected from the system-wide database with a mandatory selection.

The contact receives no further emails from the system unless he is again added to a group. The contact's address and profile data are not deleted. Group-specific data (member attributes and group membership statistics) are deleted for this contact.

A group owner who is also a member of the group can be unsubscribed and still retain ownership of the group. Group managers, deactivated recipients, and members (any status) are all unsubscribed if they are included in the selection.

An unsubscribe is recorded in the group statsitics. The ​Define Job​ area defines whether confirmation messages are sent to each unsubscribed member. This is the system message ​SysMsgUnsubscribeFromGroup​.

As an alternative, you can remove members from groups. Removing members does not affect the group statistics, and no confirmation messages are sent. See Remove Members From All Groups​.

Basic Settings


This input field defines the name of the automation. The name is used to identify the automation in the system. It appears on the ​Time-based Automations Overview​ window. The maximum length is 100 characters.


This input field defines a description of the automation. The description makes it easier to identify the automation in the system.


This input field defines the job. For a list of all available jobs, see All Available Time-Based Jobs​.

Define Job

This area defines the specific parameters of the job.

  • Message: This drop-down field defines a message. This is the message to which the unsubscribe is attributed in the statistics.

  • Send Confirmation: This drop-down field defines whether the recipients receive a confirmation email. This is the system message ​SysMsgUnsubscribeFromGroup​. Recipients receive one confirmation email for each unsubscribe.

  • Ignore Owners: These fields define whether a member with the ​Owner​ group role is also unsubscribed from the group. This action does not change the system user set as the owner of the group.

    • Yes: A member with the ​Owner​ group role that matches the selection criteria is not unsubscribed. Notification is sent to the owner of the automation.

    • No: A member with the ​Owner​ group role that matches the selection criteria is unsubscribed. Notification is not sent.

Define Selection​

  • Selection: This drop-down list defines a selection. A selection filters certain contacts according to defined conditions. Use the  symbol to search all selections in the system.
    A selection is mandatory for this job. Only the contacts who match the selection criteria are unsubscribed.



This button saves your changes and opens the ​Schedule Time-based Automation​ window. Here you define the date and time of execution. For more information, see Schedule Time-Based Automation (window)​.