An automation is a system job that, once set up, is completed by the system without manual input from the user.


Automatically executes a job on a regular schedule.


Executes according to a defined schedule.


A schedule and a job.

Schedule: defines when the automation takes place.

Job: defines the system task Engage automatically carries out.

Available Jobs

There are a large number of different jobs available. It is possible to automate:

  • Message sendout (single messages and group messages).

  • Data export, including raw data and various reports and statistics.

  • Address import.

  • Group and membership management.

  • Tasks pertaining to specific features, such as coupon lists and related data.

All Available Time-Based Jobs​


  • Save time and effort by automating regular system processes to take place on a regularly scheduled basis.

  • Reduce workload, since there is no need to set up the same job more than once.

  • Eliminate human error or forgetfulness in performing routine system tasks.

  • Increase the consistency of reporting and statistics generation. For example, generate reports and statistics at the same time every week, with the same settings.

  • Set up an unlimited number of automations. Connect multiple time-based and event-based automations to create complex multi-step workflows.