To add HTML content to the Content Store.


  1. In the Main Navigation, click Content Management​ > ​Content Store​.
    ⇒ The ​Content Store Overviewwindow opens.
  2. Click the ​New CSE element​ button.
    ⇒ The Create New CSE​ window opens.
  3. In the ​Name​ input field, enter a name for the CSE.
    The name is used internally to identify the content store element. The name does not have to be unique (that is, two CSEs may have the same name). The maximum length is 60 characters.

  4. In the ​Descriptioninput field, enter a description of the CSE.
    The description is inserted as ALT text when you add an image from the content store in a message. The ALT text is displayed in the email if the image cannot be loaded by the email server (e.g. if the customer has suppressed the display of imaged in his inbox).

  5. In the ​Content Block​ area, select the HTML / HTML Editor​ option.
    ⇒ The window displays an input field for entering HTML content.
  6. In the input field, enter the HTML code you want to store in the content store.
    To view the HTML as it will be displayed in a browser and to use the HTML editing tools, click the HTML Editor button to switch to the editor.

  7. Click the Save​ button.
    ⇒ The HTML content is saved in the Content Store and can be added to messages.
    The content store element is displayed in the Content Store Overview​ window.

By default, content store elements are stored for 6 months after their last download. It is possible to manually enter an expiration date in the CSE Settings​ window. If you need to store elements for longer than 6 months, contact your customer service representative.