General Information

The setup of SMS channels is largely managed by Mapp. This page outlines general steps to activate the SMS channel in your account, but you need to work with your Customer Success or Account Manager to define your individual requirements. 

Available Providers

Currently, Mapp Engage supports SMS services from the following providers:

Setup Steps

The basic setup steps for the SMS channel are listed below. They may vary depending on the provider you are using, and the configuration that you need.

Outbound SMS

  1. Provide Mapp with the following information:
    1. Which SMS provider do you want to use?
    2. What sender name (Outbound Mobile ID) do you want to use? If you need multiple sender names, please provide all.

      Requirements for the sender name:

      • max 11 characters
      • only alphanumeric
      • ideally without "." or spaces
    3. Countries the SMS will be sent to and expected volumes.

    4. Test mobile numbers that will be used by Mapp to check that the channel is working properly.
  2. Mapp works with the SMS provider to get your sender name certified, and get all the required credentials for the channel setup.
  3. Mapp sets up the SMS channel in your Mapp Engage instance and performs a test sendout.
  4. Your SMS channel is ready to use.

Inbound SMS

In some countries, such as France and Belgium, inbound SMS is a legal requirement. Please make sure that you check all legal requirements for the countries that you want to send SMS messages to.

Inbound SMS requires a different setup than outbound. It requires that a callback URL is set up and configured on the provider's side.

Usually, inbound SMS is used to allow contacts to subscribe or unsubscribe. Talk to your Customer Success or Account Manager to define the best setup for your inbound SMS messages.

If you want inbound SMS set up for the purpose of contacts subscribing, or unsubscribing, please consider the following points:

  1. What scenarios do you need the inbound SMS setup to cover? For example: subscribe or unsubscribe.
  2. What keywords should be used to subscribe or unsubscribe? 
  3. A contact cannot respond to an SMS alias (Outbound Mobile ID). In this case, the message you send must contain instructions, for example: "To subscribe, please send "Newsletter YES" to number 12345".

Mapp will order either a shared or a dedicated number for inbound SMS. This may affect the cost, so please speak to your Mapp representative about the details.

For more information, see:

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